Staying connected is vital in senior living communities. For the grandmother checking out photos of her grandkids on social media, the niece calling her uncle on his birthday, or the staff member who needs to know the exact location of a resident requiring help.

There’s just one problem. Somebody has to set up the equipment. Make sure it’s working. And keep it working. And replace it when it becomes outdated.

CareConnect is the only integrated, single-source solution for senior communities – from high-quality and senior-friendly telephone, internet and TV services to state-of- the-art life-safety systems.


Energy Auditing & Redistribution

As a single source for quality Voice and Data services, SAS Group offers our Customers unique opportunities for success. Inside the SAS Group's portfolio are a range of solutions including Hosted PBX, Cloud Based Services, Local & Long Distance, Audio / Web Conferencing, Dedicated IP, Fiber, Integrated Voice and Data services, Private Line, and Enhanced Network solutions.
With our carefully orchestrated range of services and our committed team, SAS Group helps to eliminate the obstacles organizations might face working with other communications providers. At SAS Group we clear the path for your success.


Our GOAL is to provide SAVINGS by uncovering SOLUTIONS


Assisted Living Technologies

SAS Group will systematically apply deep knowledge and experience in energy management, improving efficiency and unlocking the hidden value in your operations. We will audit and provide solutions for Gas, Electricity, Water, Utility Bill Audits, Lighting, HVAC and Building Controls.  All Audits are 100% FREE to the customer.  SAS will provide multiple solutions that demonstrate savings to the bottom line.

  • ​​Energy Auditing / Redistribution
  • Energy Procurement
  • Energy Intelligence
  • Solar & renewable Energy Solutions
  • Energy Efficiency & Optimization
  • Bill auditing & expense management
  • Demand Response
  • HVAC Refurbishment
  • Cloud Based Internet & Data Services​
  • LED Lighting  options