Light emitting diode’s (LED’s) have become the solution for most. Studies have proven that with the proper replacement fixtures and implementation, over 75% of your lighting expense will be eliminated. EnergyWare also provides a minimum of a five year warranty on any product it supplies. LED’s eliminate any mercury found in CFL’s and incandescent, average over ten years of use, and minimize maintenance support. In addition, LED’s have no “warm up” period, eliminating the additional strain on your HVAC system, and provide a cleaner more reliable lighting source. The question arises: If LED’s are so great why has there not been a 100% market conversion? Some have viewed the capital expense too costly for the long term savings. Others have had a negative experience with LED lighting going out and manufacturers not backing the original warranty. Some simply do not view it as a priority. Here is our response: We will find a solution that works within your budget but does not cut on quality. We can do this through a lease, through savings, or through a capital purchase. SAS Group will look for the little things that can eliminate warranties, such as the infrastructure being properly grounded, loose wires, and proper removal or bypass the ballast. We understand everyone needs to run a business. Our team makes this process turn key. We can perform our installation after hours or on weekends. We also ensure the equipment arrives safely, our team members are fully insured, and no mess is left behind.

Think about it this way, if you had $10,000 sitting on your kitchen table and someone attempted to take it would you do everything in your power to stop them? Your current lighting is taking precious dollars away that your company is working hard to earn daily. Why not do something about it? We are here to help!

LED Lighting Solutions


What if we told you utility- based taxes and State fees fluctuate constantly, but your Utility Company doesn’t always adjust your bill to reflect these changes. That’s right, you may have been overcharged thousands of dollars, and would have no way of knowing! But we do. SAS Group specializes in not only auditing the taxes and fees, but also locating billing errors that can add up to, in some cases, hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you spend more than $2,000 per month on any individual utility bill, including electricity it’s time for an audit. You may have money available that you never knew existed. 

TO GET STARTED---What We’ll Need

One month’s utility or utilities invoice that you would like us to review
A Letter of Authorization on your company’s letterhead.
A signed copy of the Contingency Agreement with the services you want auditedIf we discover you’ve been over billed, we will work to procure a full refund and renegotiate your bill to ensure future billing is accurate.

Solar Energy

Our GOAL is to provide SAVINGS by uncovering SOLUTIONS

Solar offers home and business owners the opportunity to take control of their utility bills while demonstrating their commitment to the environment. Installing a solar system gives you the power to invest in your own energy production rather than paying the utility month to month. Commercial solar energy allows your company to either eliminate or drastically reduce your utility bills, empowering you to allocate saved capital to solar panels that increase the value of your home or business. Put your home or business ahead of the curve and let our solar power professionals help you reap the undeniable benefits of renewable energy.

Demand Response

Energy Procurement

Procuring energy and managing related risks presents businesses with unique challenges unlike any other goods or services. In order to adequately deliver sustainability consulting and efficiency assessment for energy opportunities, there are many more things to consider than a price comparison.

The world is currently undergoing a technology-driven energy shift, and businesses need to rely on energy procurement capabilities to find value, operate more efficiently, and stay competitive.  A comprehensive understanding of the relationships between forward price dynamics, historical costs, and your energy use patterns is invaluable when you’re looking to procure natural gas and electricity.  Our dedicated team of experts have simplified the procurement process by utilizing a data-driven approach, harnessing best in class technologies to support our global-purchasing power.

Organizations, communities, and campuses in deregulated energy areas are starting to look to microgrids as a way to become more energy independent and energy resilient. By creating more localized energy resources, you have the ability to island from the grid during times of emergency or peak demand. A microgrid can both serve you as a host, or serve the surrounding communities, creating another revenue stream through current resources.

SAS Group utilize energy innovations to create low-cost, clean energy solutions, that enhance both organizational and community energy independence while improving the operation and stability of regional grids.

Utility Bill Auditing

and Reimbursement

Commercial and industrial demand response programs are becoming available across the country, allowing participants to unlock value and yield profits from existing assets. Demand response offers energy consumers a unique opportunity to be rewarded from creating operational efficiency and reliability in their systems by selling back supplementary energy to the grid, promoting stabilization during times of peak demand, volatility, or outages, and increase energy independence.

Our automated and agile demand response technology installs controllers, managed via wireless network, that level your energy consumption by shifting demand – sending energy to critical systems with no disruption. This allows you to curtail your overall load and demand charge, or temporarily sustain operations through affordable onsite generation while the grid rebalances.

Depending on your total energy spending, square footage, mechanical and HVAC systems, you can take advantage of utility programs to create an additional revenue stream through rebates or direct payments.