Our GOAL is to provide SOLUTIONS 
and uncover SAVINGS

S A S  Group​

SAS Group, is dedicated to conducting in-depth research into your company's utility, communications, and online services to uncover areas that are underutilized or overpriced.  All of this is done at NO COST to the business. Once the research is completed, SAS Group will provide multiple solutions demonstrating savings and the most current technology for the business.


Energy / Utility Auditing and Redistribution  

​​Assisted Living / Senior Community

Technology Integration and Implementation 



Who We Are

We specialize in Telecommunications, Assisted Living Technologies, Branded Apparel and Promotional Items, Energy / Utility Auditing,  Web Design, SEO, and Social Media Management. 

We focus our efforts on our client's needs and provide them with many marketing and technology solutions.  Our broad range of services allows us to be a one point of contact for our clients. 


Providing solutions that save your business money



Solutions for businesses


What we do

Telecommunications Consulting / Auditing

Web Design / SEO and Social Media Management

Our Services


SAS Group's goal is to simplify your business. Learn more about how we do just that for our customers throughout our 5 business units: Telecom Solutions, Assisted Living Technology Solutions, 

Web Design & SEO Services, Energy Solutions, and Marketing / Promotional Products.